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Genuine Leather Bree's Bag

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Bree's gotten herself into more than a little extra trouble since she first got her magical bag ( and carried around a few extra stowaways) making it the perfect time for a newer, upgraded version of the classic bag.

This version is made of real leather, and measures 15" x 12" x 5", has a small exterior pocket and two interior pockets.

One of the most common requests I get is to make Bree's bag available for pre-order. Because of supply issues I've been unable to do that for you, but I've found a solution that I believe will make you very happy!

I've been able to secure a reliable source for real leather bags that are absolutely stunning, and hand crafted with my logo embossed right into the leather. The logo will be embossed where the image is marked in black on the sample below. Because I've been working with this supplier for a few months now on something for the Kickstarter boxes I am confident that he can deliver exactly what I've asked for, and that makes me comfortable with opening this up to pre-order.