For UK Customers - How to access shop products

Other than the products in this collection, we do not ship directly to UK addresses, because we have found that it is more effective for our UK customers to use a forwarding service, and because of VAT requirements.

How forwarding services work:

You sign up with the service of your choice, and they provide you with their US address - Then, you give us that address during checkout as your "ship to" address. Our system should then see the US location, and allow the order.

We then ship to your forwarding service, who is responsible for sending your package from their location to you.

Why we're choosing this method:

Simply put, it saves you money, and it saves us time and money.

Because forwarding services send large quantities of packages to the UK they have access to extremely discounted rates that we do not as a small business. For example, it will cost us $39 to mail one fanbox to the UK, but when we compared the cost of a forwarding service's rates, they can send the same package for $19. Even accounting for paying a monthly fee if you choose a forwarding service that requires you to sign up for a month of service, you're still saving at least 25% on your order.

While rates may change (for us, as well as for forwarding services) the above rates were accurate when we checked them. We don't guarantee they don't change their rates.

Here are a few of the forwarding services we have found:

Stackry - No monthly fee  - Monthly plans, or per package - Monthly plans, or per package


There are others out there, but there are three options to get you started.

When you are pricing the cost to ship a fan box, use the following information to estimate costs: 9x9x4 inches, with a weight of 3lbs. (This is an estimated weight only, as we don't have all inventory in yet to get an accurate weight.)

If you are looking to purchase items other than a fanbox, and would like to know what your combined shipment weight/dimensions would be, please reach out by email to and we will get that information for you.