Caged By Fate - Hardcover

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I am the Queen of the Werewolf Territory, a place that has always been my sanctuary, and yet I must leave my people if I am to save them.

Our world is falling apart, and I must take the task my father set to me, and heal the Veil that protects us all.

A deadly journey lies ahead of me, and no one can know that I am leaving—too many would steal the crown with me gone. With a small, secret contingent I go across the water to the human realm, a land I’ve never set foot on to find the gemstone that is the key to our salvation.

If only that were my single crux. My heart is torn between the man I am hunting down, a man who stole my heart along with a jewel he had no right to take, and the man who stands at my side.

One human with abilities he should not have. One vampire with a mouth that sets me on fire and leaves my body aching for more. Neither should be where I set my heart as a queen. And yet…I am drawn to them both.

I must keep my eyes on the literal prize…and I must not let my heart lead.